The vision


        A project that culminated from a joint passion of adventure to far flung regions of the world. 

Central Asia is one of the least explored regions in the world yet arguably one of the most spectacular. Covered in mountainous peaks reaching well in excess of 7000m, sweeping valleys, extreme roads and some of the worlds most beautiful high altitude lakes, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are magical to say the least.

Containing stretches of the ancient and well known Silk Road, the M41 aka Pamir Highway traverses the Pamir Mountains through Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. The road itself is regarded as the 'Roof of the World' and is the second highest highway on the planet with the Ak-Baital pass sitting at an uncomfortable 4,655m.

The allure of this Millenia old route and the cultures and landscapes it contains were just what these two explorers were seeking. After some thorough research it was clear that these regions were not frequented by westerners let alone visually documented. It was the perfect location to set the scene for a unique and inspirational adventure. 

The project aims to visually depict the vast open and untouched regions that surround the route with the travellers immersing themselves in the local culture in areas far off the beaten path. With this, they hope to showcase the human element of these regions whose culture dates back thousands of years and how they connect with the land. ​

Matt Horspool

        Matt is a Self-taught photographer born in South Korea and raised by adopted parents in the rural city of Orange, NSW. He graduated with a double degree in Exercise Science / Secondary Teaching and now lives and works in Northern Sydney as a special education Teacher and freelance photographer.


In 2009, matt embarked on a 3-month trekking & teaching journey through South America where his passion for adventure photography was born.  He has been fortunate enough to live, work and backpack across over 37 countries on 6 different continents and feels compelled to explore places that few would consider a holiday. 

Matt's style of photography seeks to demonstrate scale, texture and a sense of adventure. Through a mixture of creative land and aerial imagery he hopes to inspire others to see the world differently. 

Kel Morales

        Kel Morales is an amateur photographer originally from the Philippines, and moved to Sydney in 2012. He works as an IT professional during weekdays and is an avid explorer and micro-adventurer during the weekends.


Although he picked up his first camera in 2010, his love for photography really fluorished when he moved to Sydney. It was here that he was able to explore the diverse physical and cultural areas that the city had to offer. This passion developed further when he began venturing out of Sydney and into greater NSW and Australia. Here he was able to witness the fantastic landscapes, sceneries and people the country had to offer. His passion for photography is fuelled by his desire to discover and explore new places, going on adventures outside of his comfort zone and sharing them with other people.


He loves to make people realise that these amazing locations can be found everywhere and aims to inspire them to go out and explore more.